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Mass Effect Infiltrator review

Mass Effect Infiltrator published by EA Games but developed by IronMonkey Studios. A third-person shooter with advanced hybrid controls, moderate length storyline, superb graphics and RPG elements, just like the other games of the Mass Effect franchise. Considering the fact that this game is more than 2 years old, is still alive and kicking and only newer titles can compete with it. But the age has its price, as this game suffers the fate of other games from big publishers, like EA.

Let’s start with the storyline. The protagonist in our case is a Cerberus agent, Radall Ezno, who goes rogue after the only close person to him, Inali, goes missing at the Cerberus base called The Barn. The director of this base turns to extreme procedures and betrays Randall, who has to fight through the station to save Inali and a mysterious Volus, who helps him. The storyline is rather B category, but considering this was meant as a companion app to Mass Effect 3, the game itself is still better than most games.

ME Infiltrator has simple and intuitive controls, although it takes some time getting used to it. Dual virtual d-pad to movement and camera combined with swipe and tap actions while in cover and aiming. The whole cover-based system is comparable to other Mass Effect games, so for ME veterans it will be familiar. The use of biotic abilities or the Cloak ability is similar too, but simplified comparably to handheld uses.

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This game is partly an RPG, because RPG and Mass Effect belong to each other. In this game, there is a limited amount of weaponry and armors, but everything is upgradeable with the in-app currency and that gives the items long lifetime. This game features IAPs, but there is no reason to spend real money on items, the difficulty wouldn’t be a problem even for newbies. The only difficulties might be at the boss fights, which are more challenging.

The graphics of ME Infiltrator are spectacular, only the newest titles offer nicer environments and effects. The sounds and voice-acting is brilliant, there must have been put enough effort into this. Even some banter can be heard, what can be considered one of the trademarks of Mass Effect. The only new additions in this game are the Style Points. These basically are the points earned by killing the opponent with a combination of different abilities and weapons. At the end of the missions, the way it way carried out is evaluated and based on it stars are given. Three stars in three categories – style, time and health – give the Veteran title, which is the best.

The settings offer various options, starting with volume settings, different languages, subtitles, tap to aim toggle, tutorials and so on. There is an Origin connection tool too. Playing ME Infiltrator provides some Assets to help in the fight, and the Galaxy At War map is shared between devices and games. Connections like this between AAA titles and their companion apps are only appearing now with the next generation of consoles.

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But this game is far from perfect. One of the main flaws is that it force-closes very often. This might be a problem with my device too, but I have read similar experiences in the comments. I could even test it on my another device, because that isn’t supported, which is the second greatest weakness of this app – lack of compatibility. Many users complain that after downloading the app, it says that their devices, even high-end flagship devices are not compatible. This is a shame, but explainable by the publisher. EA and other big names tend not to support their older creations in favor of newer products. And the price is still high, compared to the length of the storyline and the flaws, I don’t really understand why this game still costs this much.

Mass Effect Infiltrator might not be a good game if it came out on consoles, but on mobile devices it is considered one of the best, especially in the third-person genre where it still competes with newer games. But what matters is that this game has the atmosphere that other Mass Effect games can create, even if in a limited capacity. Could be a better game if not the flaws, like limited compatibility, bugs and crash issues. And did I mention the outrageously high price? I recommend waiting for a sale. There are often on the Play Store.


  • Excellent graphics, sounds and voice-acting
  • The Mass Effect atmosphere
  • Intuitive and good controls
  • Moderate difficulty, challenging boss fights
  • Galaxy at War assets, connection with ME3


  • Short and linear storyline
  • Bugs, crashes
  • Incompatibility
  • High price
  • No cloud save support

Recommended for: For Mass Effect facts this is a must-have, but other casual gamers will find this game as good fun. The several hours long story might seem short, and therefore I recommend buying this game while it is for sale.

Rating: 70/100

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