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Eternity Warriors 3 review

eternity00 Eternity Warriors 3 published by Glu Mobile. The third installation in the row, Eternity Warrior 3 is a third-person action-RPG set in a fictional land called Northern Udar. The ambition of the game is to provide a viable and enjoyable alternative to Diablo like games on mobile. Let’s see how Glu manages to make this ambition come true. Eternity Warriors 3 is an RPG, as mentioned above, an action-adventure game, where the fate of the realms lies on our shoulders. Right at the beginning players have the option to choose from three different classes: Warrior, Monk and Mage. To be precise, the Mage isn’t available right at the beginning; it must be unlocked with one of the other characters at a certain point in the game. But the generic characteristics of these games are visible. Providing two melee DPS classes and a ranged DPS is really not out of ordinary. The game dynamics work surprisingly well. The third-person view provides a wide range of visibility, the controls work fine too. The virtual D-pad on the left could be a little bit more sensitive. On the right side, there is one Attack button and four buttons for special attacks and defense. It is a shame these buttons are fixed, so there is no option to rearrange them. The entire interface is above average. Gladewine is now hyperdroid, please visit our new site HERE

Daily bonus is a good way  to earn useful things.

Daily bonus is a good way to earn useful things.

The graphics and sounds are on a very high level. The maps and texture are really detailed; animations and other special effects are well done too. The best way to experience this is during the boss battles, where the camera and view of field is focused on the character. Some glitches are present thou. Sometimes animations are missing, sometimes the sound isn’t playing. But the experience is still enjoyable. The storyline is pretty long too. The whole map is huge, and although the story follows a linear path, the levels can be played through numerous times. Side quests often send us back to already cleared levels to go through several times to finish the objective. It is necessary to do these missions because each level requires a higher GS – Gearscore. It is possible to enter a level with much higher GS, but you won’t last too long against the foes. The game provides a wide range of different maps and enemies, starting with skeletons trough werewolves to other fictional beings. The difficulty of the AI varies with each type of enemy and depends on the GS of the character, but I think they are challenging enough. Especially the Boss battles will be frustratingly difficult, because the bosses require different tactics and ways to kill them. Time is of the essence, because good timing might save your life. There are other different game modes, like the Endless Mode, which a horde mode where our goal is to survive waves of enemies. If it wasn’t hard enough, our time is limited, so killing the enemies quickly is not only good, but necessary. After every 5th round, we can collect our loot and we have two options: leave with the loot, or continue risking what we already looted. After every 10th wave, our loot won’t be lost. Endless mode requires Ship Tokens, which regenerate with time, or they are for sale in the market as IAPs. Endless Mode provides the most abundant loot. So it is worth trying it. Gladewine is now hyperdroid, please visit our new site HERE

Buying Gems in IAPs can be expensive.

Buying Gems in IAPs can be expensive.

The another one is the Arena, which is a Real-time multiplayer PvP. This mode was added in the most recent update, but I must admit after playing with it for an hour that it is one of the best multiplayer modes on Android. Of course it still need some tweaks and optimizations, but Glu Mobile done a very good job. The 1vs1 battles are well balanced, the game tries to find players with the same lvl and GS to fight each other. Only downside is the different classes, where one class might be more powerful than the other ones. Eternity Warriors 3 is an RPG, it has all the perks RPGs have. Characters must earn XP to level-up. With every lvl-up new spells and abilities are unlocked, or the unlocked ones get more powerful. The set of abilities varies with each class, the Warrior has stronger melee attacks while the Mage stronger ranged attacks. It is advised to upgrade every ability to their available maximum for better results. In this game not just the abilities, but the gear has an important role in success.  The gear consists of weapons and armor (head, torso, legs, amulets, rings etc.). Each piece of gear has GS, which is a value calculated from the attributes (HP, defense, attack power, etc.). Every piece can be upgraded in a way similar to Enchanting (from World of Warcraft) but more simplified. It is called Fusion, where other armors are broken down and made into the existing one. The result is a more powerful piece of gear with better attributes and higher GS. Another way to improve the gear is via Runes. It is similar to Jewelcrafting (WoW). Drill a hole in anything and you can insert a Rune, making that armor or weapon stronger. The inventory is where the above mentioned operations are done. Here players can find additional information and attributes of their characters. The only downside of the inventory is its size, which could be bigger. Of course there is the option to buy a larger bag via IAPs. But be careful, once the bad is full, the game won’t let you go on missions. So sell or fuse those unnecessary items you don’t need. Gladewine is now hyperdroid, please visit our new site HERE

The map is huge and provides lots of missions.

The map is huge and provides lots of missions.

The game is following the free-to-play business model with IAPs, which is a standard in mobile gaming nowadays. The bad thing is that IAPs are present, but the good thing is that they are not really necessary. The game is well balanced, so the difficulty won’t be a cause to spend real money. The premium currency is the Gems, for which the players can buy Potions and other things like Tokens. A really interesting concept is the Offerings, which basically is a lottery for gear. Tokens are required to enter which can be earned from missions or bought for Gems and provide different sets of gear, potions, runes or even Coins (normal in-game currency). In Eternity Warriors 3 social aspects are present too. The starting town is a moderate hub for players, where they can interact with each other in a limited way. Inspecting other player’s gear, live chat or even guilds can be accessed. It is good to have these options, but on the other hand, it is still not on par with MMOs on PCs. The whole social interaction still needs work. And the chat is rather buggy on my phone, the keyboard doesn’t show up (Xperia keyboard). But this might be an issue only on certain phones. The other glitch I had to face was while taking screenshots, my phone would stuck and most of the time only a restart helped. To sum up, Eternity Warriors 3 is a really good game in terms of mobile gaming, but is still nowhere to games like Diablo 3 of World of Warcraft on PC. The whole idea is to provide alternatives on handheld gadgets, and it is partly successful but still not perfect. But the game can be considered one of the best in its category; the developers constantly work on updates and upgrades, which is another positive thing to mention. Bug fixes are on their way too along with new game modes and new story missions. Pros:

  • Good graphics, sounds and effects
  • Lengthy storyline
  • Game modes: story, endless, arena
  • Real-time PvP multiplayer
  • Free-to-play and balanced IAPs
  • One of the best in its category
  • Frequent updates, upgrades


  • Generic concept
  • Glitches, bugs
  • Can’t compete with PC titles

Recommended for: Adventure RPG fans, who like playing these games on their hand-held devices. Rating: 82/100 en_generic_rgb_wo_45     Gladewine is now hyperdroid, please visit our new site HERE